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I believe in making the impossible POSSIBLE. What is your “impossible dream”, the one you only dare to dream to yourself – but that would be life changing if you were able to achieve it?


Val believed in me when no one else did, including myself. I was a dreamer before I started working with Val. I had so many dreams for myself and what my life could be, but never believed that it was possible or knew how to get there. Val taught me the tools and showed me the steps to take so I could start taking immediate action to make my dreams become my reality…

Kelly Jurecko | Chicago, Illinois


As a business owner it is important to me to invest in myself on a regular basis. In the past I have invested in books, seminars and other coaching programs, but working with Val has fast become the best investment in myself that I have made. It’s hard to put a value on the sessions that we have because they span so much and reach into all corners of my life – from personal through to business…

Amir Bazrafshan | London, England


I have been working with Val for over 6 months now and I couldn’t be in a better place! Through Val’s amazing coaching techniques, encouragement, our one-on-one calls every other week, and other resources she sends, I have made significant gains in my goals and in my happiness. A place I thought I could never achieve. With Val and her immensely caring attitude and her valuable skill set, she has helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible, and definitely more than I would have achieved by myself…

Paulette Deckers | Everett, Washington


The best thing about Val? She’s grounded in a place of service to others and genuine compassion for anyone’s life circumstance. Val sees and believes in the unique gifts each person has to offer and works tirelessly to help her clients, podcast listeners and everyone she meets be the best version of themselves. Personally, Val has helped me examine all aspects of my life from my internal self talk to my close relationships as well as my client relationships….

Jamie | Calgary, Canada