Imagine you can change your life, simply by snapping your fingers.




What’s different?

Waking up every morning and thinking “Yes! I’m so lucky!” Getting ready to go to work at a job you LOVE. Hanging with a loving partner who GETS you and supports you in all of your endeavors. The difference is, you’re confident. You walk into every meeting, attend every party, and answer every phone call, knowing that you belong. And that, my friend, is a game changer.


The life you really want can WILL be yours.

Look love, you were put on this Earth to live – like, REALLY LIVE. You’re here to feel alive, to do things you enjoy, to help the world with your gifts, to learn, to lead, to explore, to love. Deep down, you know that, right? You have that little spark in you that keeps whispering that this can be better. You know there’s room for improvement and that if you show up and do the work, you can create the life you really want. You can have a career that’s satisfying instead of soul-sucking. You can have adventures that are sensational instead of stressful. You can have relationships that encourage you to thrive instead of hide.


You can feel fulfilled.

Yeah, it’s cliche, but it’s what we all want, right? We want to feel purposeful and valuable and like our lives MEAN something. Because they do! But right now, it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like something’s missing. Like there’s a light switch inside of you, and it needs to be switched on! (Spoiler alert: that light switch is confidence!) Perhaps you’re stuck in a relationship that feels pretty “meh”. You’re here, you’re committed, but … It’s just doesn’t give you the WOOHOO feelings that you really crave. Or maybe you have the dream job and the great relationship but it still feels like something’s missing! On paper you have it all, but your intuition knows there’s more. Whatever’s going on that has you feeling like you need to make a change (even though it may be reallllllly difficult to make), it’s ok. The fact that you’re acknowledging that you’re craving more passion is the first step to getting it. Who am I? (I’m so glad you asked!) I’m Valerie Groth, MSW MA CVACC

another blue

I was trained as a therapist and social worker and now, I coach inspired visionaries (even ones who aren’t sure what their exact vision is yet!) to realize their passions and make their mark on the world. When you want more but don’t know where to start, having someone to help guide you through the process is imperative. Each one of us has a book full of stories in our head. They tell us who we are and what we’re supposed to do, but only some of the stories are true. Something happened in your past that made you feel like you’re not good enough (someone called you stupid, made you feel ugly, told you that you didn’t belong), and you believed it. You made that the truth, but really, it’s just a story. And it’s FICTION! And now, it’s time for a rewrite!

When you’re living in your stories, it’s tricky to assess what’s going on. Sometimes it takes an outside person to help you sort through the stories to figure out what’s real and which stories you want to rewrite. That’s why working with a coach is so powerful. Truth be told, I’ve been where you are. As a kid, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to use my gifts to create a better world. But then, middle school happened and I lost my confidence and became one of those girls who went with the crowd. Always paying attention to what everyone else was up to, I got preoccupied with boys and friends. Sure, I went with the flow, but along the way, I lost myself. Fast forward twenty something years later and I was in an unhappy, unhealthy marriage. I knew I didn’t want to be there, and that no matter how much work I did, we weren’t going to get any better. I felt trapped. Divorce is messy- there’s money, and families, and friends to consider. What would they all think? What would they say? Leaving would create such a freaking mess. I was stuck.

Then one day, I asked myself the big question: If I could just snap my fingers and be divorced, would I do it? YES. I wanted a divorce. But I was keeping myself from doing what was best for me because of the constraints I felt. Darling, constraints are not a reason enough to keep you from being happy. Making it happen was HARD, but it was totally, completely, 100% worth it.

No matter how stuck you feel, you still have choices. You still have power. You still have the ability to improve your life. And, YOU’RE WORTH IT.

Once I freed myself from my marriage, I did a ton of inner work. I read books, listened to audios, I transformed my thinking, and finally began to know my worth and really believe in myself. I became a therapist because I’ve always been interested in how humans think and why we make certain decisions and act the way we do. I then went on to get my Masters in Social Work and worked at a school in inner-city Chicago. I loved it but there was still a piece of me whispering for more. I started taking my intuition’s advice and launched my podcast and began coaching. Now, I coach full time, and I’m also the founder of Ryan Banks Academy (hello, doing what I love and using my gifts to improve the world!). Your life CAN be amazing. I’m here to support you while you snap your fingers and make it happen. I’m ready!

Have some questions about coaching? I’ve got answers!


What is life coaching, and how is it different than therapy?

Therapy involves working on deep-seated, ongoing internal issues that are causing an individual to experience mild to severe distress in his or her life like addiction and/or mental illness. It takes individuals who are experiencing dysfunction and helps them to become functional and to restore their mental well-being. Life coaching, on the other hand, takes someone who is already functional and emotionally healthy, and helps them to become much more. It involves goal-setting and being strengths-focused, working towards bringing you a more satisfying and fulfilling future – both personally and professionally. A life coach will provide you with the encouragement you need to step out of your comfort zone and to take risks to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.


I’ve worked with therapists and coaches, read a bunch of self-help books, and I still feel stuck. I’m not even sure what’s “wrong”… still think you can help me?

Absolutely! Some of my clients seek me out to work on a specific area (confidence, health, etc), and others come to me because they just can’t put their finger on what exactly needs to be improved. What they know, deep down, is that they want more out of life! They want to feel passionate, fulfilled, and truly alive! They want to stop feeling stuck. Talking with me is the best way to see if we’re a good fit! I invite you to {click here} to schedule a FREE (no strings attached) Discovery Call with me.


Coaching sounds kind of fluffy… What kind of education do you have?

I’m so glad you asked! Unlike most coaches, I worked for years as a trained therapist and hold advanced degrees: I have a Bachelors of Psychology, Masters of Social Work, and Masters of Educational Leadership. I also attended an ICF certified coaching institution where I earned an ACC certification.


What if I live far away from you?

Not a problem. I work with clients all over the world using phone or Skype.


How long do I need to work with you to see results?

Coaching is a process and is unique from client to client. You will likely have take-aways and ah-ha moments during each session but changing the thoughts and patterns you’ve had for your whole life takes time! Check out what my former clients have to say here.


Does life coaching come with a guarantee?

Nope. Coaches help people improve their lives but the truth is, you’re the only one who can guarantee change. What I can promise is that while we work together, I will be your biggest cheerleader. I’ll encourage, support, and believe in you every step of the way.  I know you are capable of greatness,even when you don’t see or believe it yourself, and I can guarantee that if you are open and committed to yourself and to the process, amazing things will happen.


I think this might be for me but I’m a little scared. Can we chat?

Absolutely. Schedule a call with me here. It’s 100% free and I promise to be nice!