Happy Chinese New Year! Well technically I’m a couple days late, it actually took place on Monday.  But there’s a very special reason I wanted to talk to you about the Chinese New Year, and what it can have to do with predicting your future – yes, really!!

I’ve shared this concept with many of my current clients, and I wanted to share it with you as well.  It’s been long believed that the way you live your life on the Chinese New Year predicts how the rest of your year will go.  I took this a step further, that we should be purposeful about not only doing all of the things/activities that we love and that move us forward in positive, productive ways, but that we should also focus on how we want to FEEL throughout the upcoming year.

Of course this is based on superstition, but I just love the concept that we can “design” how we want to feel throughout the year – because we CAN!! So though the official day has come and gone, I would love for you to take on this challenge tomorrow.  Be sure to consciously and purposefully design your day to make it the most ideal day as possible.

Think about how you want to feel the rest of the year, and make it a point to bring those feelings into your day.  For example, perhaps you want to feel more energized, more loving, etc.  What do you need to do during the day to bring more of those feelings into your life?

If you face challenges throughout the day, deal with those challenges in a way that will serve you going forward the rest of the year and reframe your thoughts in a way that allows you to learn from that challenge and not to get beaten down.

And last but not least,  make sure to build in time for activities that make you feel like your best, happiest, and more empowered self.


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