Joel Runyon is the creator of Impossible Ventures LLC. A few years ago, he got tired of having an average life, working at UPS and waiting for things to happen to him, so he decided to do something about it. And it all started with a list. Not a bucket list, but an Impossible List. He made a list of all the things he used to think were impossible and then he set out to do them. Now he work on his own terms and does his best to live a life of adventure and meaning while doing the impossible.  Joel’s unique idea earned him the right to present as a TED-X speaker where he spoke about a groundbreaking method that will help anyone learn how to overcome fears of the impossible.

In this episode Joel talks about:

·        How Joel went from being unemployed and living in his parents’ basement to doing the impossible

·        How an “Impossible” list differs from a “Bucket” list

·        Breaking through self-imposed limits to do the impossible

·        How running helps build the “do the impossible” muscle

·        Joel shares his best advice to overcome fears of the impossible



TED-X talk