Valerie is a sought after international speaker who is praised for her dynamic and innovative keynote presentations and for her contagious energy, enthusiasm, and ability to bring transformation to those in the audience.  Her background as a therapist, life coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and the founder of Ryan Banks Academy (a nonprofit dedicated to building Chicago’s first boarding school for inner city youth) has lead to national recognition and press for her innovative spirit and her work to make a difference in the lives of others. Valerie was also chosen out of almost 1,000 people to be the face of the I Am Chicago campaign which highlights “dynamic game changers and trailblazers who embody the passion and innovation of Chicago”.  She has also been featured in numerous other media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, The Chronicle for Social Change, Chicago Woman Mag, Michigan Avenue Magazine, The Chicago Reader, NBC, and CBS.  In addition, Valerie is a trained improv comedy performer and she will bring an air of levity and humor to her presentation that your audience will love.   

She is skilled in presenting as a motivational speaker and in facilitating workshops on the topics of recharging and reenergizing your life, overcoming negative beliefs and thought patterns, overcoming fear, goal setting, creating a career that you love, living a passionate life, leadership, conflict resolution, stress management, health and wellness, rejuvenating relationships, as well as topics related to education.  Additionally, Valerie donates a portion of her speaker fees back to the nonprofit she founded and leads, Ryan Banks Academy.  Please note that in addition to the topics listed that are geared toward adult audiences, Valerie also speaks to student groups.  She also provides workshops for teachers and parents on how to cultivate characteristics such as resiliency and a growth mindset in children and teenagers.


    “I attended ReCHARGE, the 2014 INROADS Alumni Association Leadership Summit, which aimed “to renew the spirit for excellence of INROADS alumni” by featuring fellow alumni and speakers who have been successful in their professional and personal lives. Valerie Groth was one of the featured speakers and after presentation, I found myself deeply inspired to live a life of continual growth and value. She shared with us seven of her inspiration challenges that I have been incorporating in my life and I have already seen a tremendous shift in my happiness and focus. I’ve also enjoyed listening to her podcasts, which I’ve used to learn from a network of passionate individuals who’ve done amazing things in their lives.”

    Ian Mwangi, Program Manager – Mayo Clinic

    I am a sales professional, faced with rejection day in and day out. As anyone in sales knows, it is extremely important to know how to overcome fear and rejection, understand your underlying motivations, and be able reinvent and recharge. Easier said than done! Val was able to make some extremely skeptical sales people believers in the importance of self care, understanding your why, the power of meditation, and striving for vibrancy. Her talk was engaging and entertaining, and her fact based tips were easy (for even the busiest people!) to take action on. The most powerful part of her presentation was her ability to get people who run around with their hair on fire every day, to take a look at the bigger picture and invest in themselves. Thank you Val!

    Megan McGonigle

    Sales Professional and Business Development Manager, Cisco

    Our recent session with Val was enlightening in many ways. One particular piece of the session that I feel will have an immediate impact for the team is the power of positive meditation. There is always a unique response from people when talking about meditation, and it is usually because they haven’t tried it. Val’s simple explanation of how to begin a meditation session is easy for anyone to try, and the immediate effects to be realized. Our session helped re-enforce lifestyle basics we all take for granted; peace in mind, body and soul.  This Vibrancy session helped me recognize changes I need to make in my “everyday” for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    Matt Gansemer

    Regional Manager, Cisco

    Public speaking that engages an audience is both skill and creative art. When Valerie speaks, she embodies both in ways that make her stand out among conference speakers. Speaking at New Media Europe in 2016, Valerie was a breath of fresh air in her content, style, and delivery. Speaking about the importance of self well-being and daily habits that have a compound effect on productivity, she entertained, engaged, and educated the audience. Her tone, pitch, and style make her easy to listen to and absorb the information. The speech was full of valuable content and a masterpiece in delivery. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a keynote speaker for your next conference

    Peter Billingham

    Val provided a great, meaningful, and engaging presentation to our Executive Women’s group. Her energy complimented her interesting content quite well. I would recommend her to speak to any group of women – young or seasoned – as she has something to offer for all!

    Caitlin Pusateri

    Valerie is a very professional, hard working and knowledgable speaker. Her keynote presentation during our 2016 conference in London was very well received by our attendees with plenty of positive comments flooding in afterwards. Highly recommending for your event!

    Izabela Russell

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