Carpe Diem Academy

The time has come to take your power back, to make your dreams reality, to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Carpe Diem Academy is a self study course that will help you figure out what you want and empower you to make it happen. It’s more powerful than a self help book and more affordable than 1:1 coaching. And, it’s ready to be yours.

The Modules (Aka What You’ll Learn!)


  • Module 1: Figure out your core values and vision. This is UBER important and will teach you lessons that you’ll refer back to for the rest of your life.
  • Module 2: Design your environment for your success. Next, you’ll learn about taking a holistic approach in all areas of your life, removing external sources that are getting in the way of your success, and creating powerful habits.
  • Module 3: The Deep Dive Assessment. Now, you’ll figure out what in your life is contributing to your success and what’s working against it. You’ll explore everything from your productivity to your vices, and how to change your attitude, even if you can’t change your situation.
  • Module 4: All About You! In this module, you’re the star! You’ll get clear on your strengths, needs, and desires. Then, learn how to communicate your needs with others, so you’re the happiest person you know.
  • Module 5: Take Control of Your Happiness. Your in the driver’s seat. In this module, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset so you can stop holding back and start creating the life you crave.
  • Module 6: Fill Your Glass. You’ll learn specific and effective techniques to overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Module 7: Pedal to the Metal. Now, it’s go time. Module 7 delivers exciting exercises for you to increase your confidence, take bold action, and overcome your fears. #partytime
  • Module 8: Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye. We’ll talk deeply about fear and you’ll complete exciting challenges designed to push you outside of your comfort zone (don’t worry, you’ll be ready!).


*** This course will be offered at $300 on January 1, 2016 but is now marked down to $97 through the end of 2015.

“Val has helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible, and definitely more than I would have achieved by myself.” – Paulette Deckers (Everett, WA)
Carpe Diem Academy Participants also get access to the Carpe Diem Academy (Private) Facebook Group where you’ll connect with other participants and have the opportunity to discuss what you’re learning and how your life is transforming.

Buy now to get the Early Bird Price of $97.00

Hurry!  Early Bird pricing is only in effect through 12/31/15

“Before starting life coaching with Valerie, I was really quite uncertain as to what to expect and what types of results I would get. After working with her, I have a definite increase in productivity and confidence and I would highly recommend working with Valerie.” – Nadine (Denver, Colorado)  

How it works:

  • Click the link below to sign up (and change your life)
  • You will be directed to Paypal and in just a few short hours you’ll be emailed your log-in information to the Carpe Diem Academy Membership Site and a link to the Private Facebook Group!
  • Over the next 8 weeks, you will receive one module a week. You can dive in immediately and start getting clear on your values and vision.
  • As you go through the modules, pop into the Facebook group to share your take-aways, connect with other CDA members, and share your successes.
  • Go back through the program as many times as you’d like and Carpe the hell out of your Diems!

Buy now to get the Early Bird Price of $97.00

Hurry! Early Bird pricing is only in effect through 12/31/15

Refund Policy: Carpe Diem Academy is a life changing program IF you do the work. If within 30 days you provide proof that you’ve completed all of the exercises and aren’t seeing results, I’ll gladly refund you. Life is happening. It’s time to Carpe Your Diem.